Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My healthy pregnancy and delivery

oh dear, managed to dig out some old pictures and realised that time flies, my boy is 1 year old already. 

It's indeed that I have benefitted a lot from Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle. Same for my pregnancy. So here I would like to share a little on my post pregnancy experience. 

I feel grateful that my post pregnancy recovery was smooth without complication and the recovery rate was amazing. 

I always impressed my gynae on my wound recovery rate during the first check up after delivery. 

The same gynae I had for my both pregnancies in 2013 and 2015. 
The same response I had from her is
"your wound recovery was great. healed very fast!"

My post natal massage lady was impressed too. She was amazed that my tummy don't have stretch mark although I am in 30's now. 

I would really want to give the credit to the right combination of wholesome plant foods from E.Excel that I choose to take during my pregnancy and post delivery as well as practising Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle ! :) 

refer to my pregnancy journey:

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