Sunday, October 23, 2016

Parenting Thoughts

How do you feel when you see this picture?

For me, I have a strong feeling on how important a parent seed and pave the foundation to the children. 

I am a mom who still continues to learn and grow myself in parenting. 

To me, parenting is not an easy task, especially encountering many challenges from my children when they misbehave! 

For examples: 

How do I control my emotion during their misbehaving?

How do I lead them to correct their behaviour?

How do I be a fair mom when both children are snatching over a same toy? 

How do I stand my points firm when my husband pamper them?

The list is endless! 
(How many of you can relate to me? haha) 

If I don't keep myself learning and growing (emotionally and mentally too), how possibly could I handle all the above challenges and more? 

Most importantly, what kind of a person do I want my children to become when they grow up?

I am grateful that through many years in the Healthy Fast Food Franchise Business, I have grown to be stronger mentally and emotionally & have a better direction on how to groom my children. 

The positive, motivating entrepreneurial environment and my growing team has alway kept me to accept new change, new challenge for a new breakthrough and continuous growth as a stronger person and leader. 
Indirectly, I have applied some experiences in my parenting styles. 

I am happy and blessed with the opportunity given and people who have helped and guided me through the journey in the past and for a better future. 

Together, we grow as a wise parent!

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"Be Grateful, Always Keep Your Mind Open, More Opportunities Will Naturally Flow into your life"

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant/ Entrepreneurial Mom 
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