Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Good Hang Out Place for Me and My Family : Da:ns Festival @ ESPLANADE

Esplanade is always a great hang out place for me and my family! 

For me, the nice scenery and ambience always gives a peace of mind and a good time for bonding. 

For my daughter, it's a good chance for more music and dance exposure & a larger ground to play around with. 

For my husband, it's good for him as he loves music and dances too! 

As now is da:ns festival in Esplanade for these 2 weeks, so I took the opportunity to bring my daughter to hang out there and watch the free dance performances! 

Check out more of the programmes in Esplanade: 

This has become the way how a mother of 2 like me - work hard and play hard during family time! =)

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