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Why I choose E.Excel Franchise Business Partnership

Why did I take up E.Excel Franchise Business opportunity?

The below is my personal story =)

I was a Chemical Engineer by profession for 5 years in the past. 

Right after graduation from Chemical Engineering in Singapore National University of Singapore (NUS) with ASEAN scholarship, I worked in one of the engineering consultancy firms as a chemical engineer. I was fortunate to have a good direct boss, supportive colleagues and quite well-paid salary.

However, while I continued striving for success in corporate level, i realised that I was caught in a rat race.

Here was my routine.

  • Rise before 7am, gulp my food, rush for MRT and buses. 
  • After work, take dinner with friends/ colleagues, do house work, watch TV, chit-chatting on FB and then fall asleep after midnight. (I was not married yet that time) I live my life without any goals. 
  • Same routine for next day again. 
  • Received my pay check at month end, then spent on households etc, save the remaining ones. The whole cycle repeated again on next month.
  • I noticed that the same happened to some people around me who have already set up family with children.
  • Rise before 6am, gulp their food, rush children to breakfast, then to school/ childcare, then pick them up after work, go home, cook dinner, have 'quality time', do housework or office work brought home, and then fall asleep after midnight.

At that time, I could see they are my reflection if I were to have kids in future. 

  • And with this bored routine, I realised that my time and money is controlled by the company also, hard to reach my desired dream due to limited savings from the limited increment. 
  • Most scarily, I started to notice the risk of being retrenched after many of my colleagues being laid off during economy downturn in 2008 due to collapse of Lehman Brother.

  • I can't imagine what if I m jobless when I have house commitment, car commitment, children commitment Etc?  
  • When I work for people, the risk of being retrenched is something I can't control. The rise of my paycheck n time flexibility is something I can't control also.
I got depressed And I started asking myself, is it the lifestyle that I wish to have? 

The answer is obviously NO. 

After much thinking, I came to the conclusion that I must jump out from the rat race, so to have more time freedom for myself, and financial freedom with health freedom together. 

I know I must find a business which can generate income for me and at the same time I can be the owner of my time. I would never want to work for people anymore. 

While i was looking around for business opportunity, I chanced upon E.Excel franchise business! 

My colleague was sharing with me about this business opportunity which is very unique and simple to start due to the below factors:

  • Low capital
  • Zero risk 
  • Big market demand 
  • Big potential returns with 4-figure, 5-figure and even 6-figure passive income monthly

After analysing the business model, I realised that this is indeed a fantastic business opportunity to break the rat race cycle.

I can be a franchise headquarter (franchisor) with just a minimal capital as compared to traditional franchise business which needs huge capital! 

I have been the consumer earlier. Thus, I am confident about E.Excel wholesome food products as i know they are safe, effective and unique. 

Read more about WHY and HOW i started to use E.Excel wholesome food:

Why I choose to partner with E.Excel International?

1. A reliable company with impeccable history  

Founded in year 1987. The founder is Dr Chen Jau Fei who is the World Outstanding Chinese and expert in Nutritional Inmunology. E.Excel continues to be the leader in the nutrition industry, with strong R&D Team of more than 100 scientists. Every year, E.Excel launches many new products which are always leading in the market. 

2. Products are Safe, Unique and Effective. 

The products are formulated based on Science of Nutritional Immunology. 

Nutritional Immunology is a preventive science and a way of life. Dr Chen's book "Plant Foods and Nutritional Immunology" is used as a recommended reference book in more than 10 medical universities in United States. 

To me, products are very important in a business. If the quality of the products is not good, regardless of how well the business model is, the business will not be long lasting as one day, the products will be phased out from the market as rejected by the consumers in the market. 

3. Big market, health and beauty industry is a sunrise business 

The products are daily consumables and suitable for people of all ages. 

With increasing awareness in the prevention of chronic diseases and ageing population, the products will become even more relevant and of high demand in the future. 

In my opinion, demand of the products is also very important. Would you prefer a sunrise business or a sun set business? Your answer has explained why I choose a sunrise business. =) 

4. A well-paid marketing plan

According to how many franchises you open in this business. The more franchises you open, the more passive income you can make. The more you help your franchises to grow, the more passive income you will get. 

In order words, you have to help others to succeed first before you succeed. 

I find that this business cooperation relationship is fantastic.
It fulfil my wishes to help people as this is a helping people's business.

For coming to 3 decades, the E.Excel opportunity has produced many successful, high-income earners with continuous flow of passive income due to its simple marketing plan. 

5. A great education system which allows easy duplication. 

The education system and training system  is a proven operational model for duplication. It provides the simplest methods and most comprehensive tutorial tools for business owners of all social economic backgrounds. 

No matter you are a businessman, professional, an employee or even a housewife, the system ensures SUCCESS for you! 

I decided to start doing the business after deep analysis from all different aspects. 

Thankfully, with a couple of years in E.Excel franchise business, I realised that my future has been reshaped!!!

It's indeed my second chance to transform my life, allow me to be able to live my life to its fullest, and enjoy my desired ultimate freedom lifestyle. 

***Feeling thankful***

If you are keen to find out more about this business opportunity, don't be hesitant to contact me to discuss on possibility of business partnership together. 

Lastly I'd like to share the below video!! 

It's one of my favourite Youtube about E.Excellers' lifestyle 丞燕人的故事. =)

Hope you will click and watch this short Youtube video. =) 








如果,你想要对这门事业有多一层的认识,请联系我。谢谢。 :)
May all dreams come true :) 

Warmest regards, 

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