Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I Choose VegeColor??

Interestingly, ever since VegeColor was launched, I prefer to cook myself at home! 

The below was my self-made pasta using the VegeColor this morning! 

Vegecolor Macaroni

The below are some other methods I used the VegeColor!

New Recipe with VegeColor

  • Sprinkled VegeColor on my girl's oatmeal
  • Dipped the sliced apple into the VegeColor powder
  • Mixed with hot water to make it into soup 
  • Mixed with other E.Excel beverages like Nutrifresh
  • Mixed with white rice - very fragrant!

1. Why I Choose VegeColor?

  • It's a new wholesome food product launched by E.Excel 
  • Organic ingredients - NO pesticides, NO harmful chemicals, NO preservatives!!
  • Passed 398 Pesticides and More than 2000 Poisonous Tests for each of the 28 ingredients!!!
  • Can add into any dishes easily

See its label below: 

VegeColor Label

It's certainly suitable for the below types of people!!
  • Parents who want their children to take more vegetables - Can add into their daily meals. You can easily add the powder into our kids' meals like porridge, oatmeals, pasta, beverages, soups, purée and so on!!! 
  • People who don't cook frequently at home
  • People who look for many variety of vegetables in their daily meals
  • Meat eaters

For more info, kindly read below:

2. How to use VegeColor?

3. Why Eating Variety of Vegetables and Fruits?

  • to get different immunity-boosting nutrients
  • to provide body with comprehensive nourishment 
  • to keep disease at bay

4. How each colour group of vegetables means to you?

Eat a Rainbow of Vegetables and Fruits from VegeColor


VegeColor is a great convenience wholesome fruits and vegetables for myself and my family. 

In fact, the ingredients are fresher and nutritious compared to the vegetables cooked using frying, boiling or steaming. 

As many cooking methods can result in nutrient loss of the vegetables. 

If your family is eating less vegetables in their daily meals, 

VegeColor is a great choice for your family including your kids! 

Pm me at +65-90909942 if you would like to find out more.

Together, we do a better prevention and stay healthily!!! :) 

Nutritional Immunology Consultant
+65-9090 9942

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