Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vitamin Pills and Calcium Pills may shorten lifespan

According to UK media reports on 28 Feb, the study published in the journal of the American Association showed that 3 types of the vitamin supplements, Vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene could increase the risk of early death. 

Long term consumption of Vitamin C pills may up the risks of oxalate-type kidney stone formation. 

A study by US Harvard University researchers revealed that adding Vitamin A to low-fat milk is not beneficial to health as Vitamin A may lead to osteoporosis, 50% increase in the risks of bone fracture. 

Researchers from Denmark's University of Copenhagen recently discovered that taking 
  • Beta carotene supplement produced approximate 7% increased risk of death
  • Vitamin E pills 4% increased risk of death
  • Vitamin A pills  16% increased risk of death.

More info about side effects of vitamin pills:

Calcium Pills Raise Heart Attack Risk by 30%

The above happens mainly because all the above supplements are synthetically made!! 

If we are taking the nutrients from wholesome plant food source, they won't give the above side effects even though we take more than our body requires.  

Nutritional Immunology Consultant 

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