Monday, October 21, 2013

Why are we putting on weight as we turn 30 years old and above?

I have come across this video at my brother's facebook profile...

It's about why are we putting on weight after 30 years old.

I guess this has been a common question to many people above 30 years old...

Why are we eating just a little but still putting on weight?? Isn't that annoying??

Once my gal friend also told me so...she had to put extra effort in going gym in order to LOSE weight!!

Let's find out the answer together through the below video (5 min length):

This video shows us that excessive calories intake and slow metabolism due to aging leads to accumulation of fats in our entire body! The fats can stay in our waist line, arms, blood vessels etc.

The blood vessels will get narrower, this leads to our heart work harder to pump blood to entire body. If the blood vessels are blocked entirely by the fats, it could be fatal.

Sometimes, people complains that they experience heart muscle spasm. This cannot be ignored as it could lead to heart attack. This symptom has signaled to us that our heart is lacking of Oxygen and nutrition due to reduced supply of blood (which carries oxygen and nutrition) to the heart. The reason is because the blood vessels get narrower as the results of deposition of fats around there.
Please take care of our health..
Don't get yourself obese, do something to our body to slow down aging process.
Eat healthily as We Are What We Eat!

Best wishes,

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