Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oxyginberry Beverage: Testimonial on improving Hair Loss

How do you feel when you start losing your hair?? 

Will you get worried if you will become bald?

Sharing with you one real-case story. 

************Real Case Story****************

On 2-Dec-2012, the mother was panicked when started noticing her son's middle scalp begin to get bald.

She remembered her colleague's sharing of her hair lost condition also. 

After seeking medical help and got diagnosed of having bacterial infection by one of the speacialists, her collague was suggested to do hair treatment with steroid injection of Brunei dollar 1000 per injection for recovery.

The mother immediately encouraged the son to consume Oxyginberry Beverage, 3 packs daily.

  • On 26-Jan-2013, she noticed the hair started to grow. (Second picture)
  • On 10-Feb-2013, the hair almost covered the bald portion. (Third picture)

She was so glad that her son could avoid the side effect of using steroid for recovery!

In fact, it has saved her money and time also! 

Thanks to Oxyginberry Beverage!!

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