Thursday, October 17, 2013

Touching Love Story

Read a love story written by the Author Mary Catherine Fish on the Reader's Digest Oct 2013.

It was very touching!

Do click the pictures to enlarge them and read it.

I felt upset at the loss of her beloved one. If everyone were to know the right knowledge and wisdom to take care of their health, I guess thousands of families in this world will not have to experience the journey as how this author has to go through.

Cancer can be prevented!

As long as live a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle which advocates on the below to keep our immune system on optimal level all the time, I believe everyone can stay healthy.

1. Healthy Diet (more fruits and Vege instead of meat)
2. Sufficient Rest and Sleep
3. Regular Exercise
4. Maintain Stable Emotion

May all stay healthy and happy!

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  1. Hi, thanks for thesharing of touching love story and tips on good health. Wishing her to best .Love is unconditional and even to the extend of loving the unlovely.Human is so fragile at times despite all mitigation measures and we need to believe there is always a belief of re union with the Almighty as one pass on which is a good thing. I pray for them,

    # O God, great and omnipotent judge of the living and the dead, we are to appear before You after this short life to render an account of our works. Give us the grace to prepare for our last hour by a devout and holy life, and protect us against a sudden and unprovided death. Let us remember our frailty and mortality, that we may always live in the ways of Your commandments. Teach us to "watch and pray" (Luke 21, 36), that when Your summons comes for our departure from this world, we may go forth to meet You, experience a merciful judgment, and rejoice in everlasting happiness. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.