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Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Come and Cheers with Me!!!"

Come and Cheers with me with ORCHESTRA!! 

My 20 month-old son loves Orchestra Strawberry the MOST!! 

Once finished 1, he will request for another 1 more serving. 

My girl cheers with her brother together! Both are Ochestra lovers! 

The japanese herbs, Kumazasa and Ashitaba in Orchestra are especially good for kids for detoxification and preventing cough and allergies. 

Definitely, they are helpful to build the kids'  memories too & prevent fat accumulation in their body especially liver. 

Best Regards, 
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Best Gift for My Mother

My mom visited me over the weekend as we were celebrating my younger child's birthday (1 year old). 

I was glad and felt relieved that she looks overall good after 3 months not seeing her already since i last went back home town in Jun 2016. 

Having a lunch at Changi Airport after she touched down Singapore

Having Dim Sum buffet at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant 

Enjoying view with my daughter at Esplanade Theatre 

With Oxyginberry as her foundation, i realise that she overall still looks radiant, and energetic. 

As we know, to live healthily, it's important that we lead a healthy lifestyle which include healthy diet. 

But sometimes it's not easy for an elderly to change their diet habit and their cooking style. 

So to me, giving my mom and my dad healthy fast foods are the best gift for them to maintain their health.  

Before she flew back Penang, I passed for 4 more boxes of Oxyginberry Capsules,1 box of E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil and other E.Excel products. 

  • Why Oxyginberry Best for Young and Old?

May all of our parents stay healthily to enjoy their golden years ! 

Best Regards, 
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