Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to reduce your suffering during fever?

Many people dislike getting fever, as they feel lousy, tired, body ache, headache and so on during fever. 

Some are caused by medication intake that make them feel dizzy and sleepy

The most challenging part for working adults is that they worry about their work, therefore, struggling to complete their task despite not feeling well

How to reduce your suffering during fever?
How to speed up your recovery from fever?

Good news is that besides using medication which brings along side effects, there is a better way that we can do to handle FEVER. 

SUPERFOODS are the solution, to nourish well your immune system. 
A well nourished immune system will increase its defense activity, to help destroy viruses/ bacteria for you in the body. 

How to nourish well your immune system. One of the important nutrients is: POLYSACCHARIDES

You can find polysaccharides in NI Food Nutriact.

→  What is Nutriact?

Nutriact is made of 4 types of Mushrooms: ABM mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Maitake and Ganoderma. 

  • Example: What is my natural remedies for my 2 year old girl with Fever?

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