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OXYGINBERRY: Do you know our body can self-produce COLLAGEN?

As most of us knows that Collagen is excellent for skin, 

do you know that Collagen is very beneficial for our overall health

Many of our body parts contain collagen! 

Generally, Collagen gives major functions as shown below: 

1. Skin - make our skin more elastic and supple, prevent sagging, wrinkles and fine lines formation

2. Bone density & Joints - Collagen binds calcium mineral in our bone to prevent osteoporosis, Collagen also strengthen the joint cartilage to prevent wear and tear of joints 

3. Eyes - Prevent macular degeneration and retain transparency of cornea

4. Muscles - Maintain good posture and impart muscle flexibility, to prevent muscle tear and injury 

5. Internal Organs - Collagen lies beneath the surface of internal organs such as stomach, intestines, to protect and strengthen them

6. Blood Vessel Walls - Collagen maintain flexibility and expandability of blood vessel walls to prevent stroke 

7. Prevent Cancer - Collagen on the outer walls of blood vessels effectively lock and prevent cancer cells from entering blood vessels and spreading to other parts of the body 

There are 5 types of Collagen in our body:

However, we start to lose our collagen at the age of 25 drastically! !

With the unhealthy modern lifestyle hazards which increase the ageing process, our collagen loss are even at more rapid rate!!

Why our body age? 

The main culprit is due to FREE RADICALS - which come from atmospheric pollutions, UV rays, our body metabolism, stress and nutrition misconception. 

Our exposure to FREE RADICALS are basically EVERYWHERE, ANYTIME, even when we are eating, and sleeping. 

Without giving our body a layer of protection via ANTIOXIDANTS to prevent free radical attack, we will suffer from many degenerative diseases soon or later, such as skin sagging, osteoporosis, joint pain, heart diseases, macular degeneration and so on. 

How do you replenish your body COLLAGEN?

As we now understand the importance of collagen, there are many collagen products in the market, using different source of collagen such as animal collagen from marine, fish, pig skin, and so on.

Some are taking animal placenta too

What's wrong with taking ANIMAL COLLAGEN drink?

  • Animal Placenta

According to the nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group, the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood.

Do you think animal can better protect their placenta as compared to us?

  • Animal Collagen 

Do you think we can use animal kidney on the kidney failure patients?

Why NOT?
The answer is very obvious that animal kidney and our kidney is different. 

Do you think we can use animal collagen to replace our body collagen?

I believe the answer is also very obvious - NO. 

Our HUMAN COLLAGEN CANNOT be replaced by animal collagen as they are 2 different collagen. 
Do you know that when animal collagen enter our digestive system, it will be digested to become an amino acid (a smaller structure of protein), no longer collagen anymore?  
Also, why would we want to put ourselves at higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and infections due to high cholesterol, calories and contamination risk in animal collagen, such as pig knuckle, pig skin, fish skin and so on?

Do you know that the most contaminated part of the fish is in its skin and liver?

For me, I am taking OXYGINBERRY to give me an excellent layer of protection against FREE RADICALS, therefore to slow down ageing process! 


It is made of wholesome plant superfood: Ginseng Berry, Cactus, Cactus Fruits, Grape Seeds, Rose and Seaweed

The 6 superfoods are rich in ANTIOXIDANTS that makes our body cells younger, therefore PROMOTE SELF-PRODUCTION of COLLAGEN in our body! 

I started taking OXYGINBERRY daily since i was 25 years old in 2007. 

It took me 10 years to look the below. 
This year I am 35 years old, a mother of 2 children, turning 3 children soon. 
I am grateful that with OXYGINBERRY, I can maintain myself well against premature ageing. 

With OXYGINBERRY, I can keep my immune system younger too, which also means my body can better defense against bacterial and viral infection, do detoxification more efficiently and repairing my damaged cells more effectively! 

If you have any enquiries related to the above, kindly contact me at +65-9090 9942 to find out more information. Thank you. 

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Coach
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