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Sunday, January 6, 2019

BLESSED to partner with Dr Jau-Fei Chen - the World Outstanding Chinese and TOP 10 Young Americans.

I feel very blessed and honoured to partner with Dr Jau-Fei Chen. 💞💞

Dr Chen is my role model, my business partner, my manufacturer in Healthy Fast Food Global Franchise Business. 

Besides being a mother of 3 and wife, Dr Chen is also a SCIENTIST, with mission to create a DISEASE-FREE WORLD.
I feel blessed, to be part of her mission, to add values to people's life too. 💟

Dr Chen's story was found in a children book to inspire the young too 😍

Excellence Lifestyle Coach 
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PS, In the years of being a Excellence Lifestyle Coach, I have helped many people to achieve Ultimate Freedom in their lives. If you are serious in achieving Health Freedom, Financial Freedom and Happiness in life, welcome to message me, I could do the same for you. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

To all dearest mummy friends, who are serious in looking for online business opportunities

As a mother of 3, I understand how being a working mom feel and frustrated, when couldn't strike a balance between work and family.

My mission, is to help mummies to start their online business successfully given the resources we provide to you. 💗

My team and I are looking for women who are serious in building an online business, to make passive income for yourself and family. 

I personally have reap a lot of benefits being a mumprenuer, who tap on the online technology and social media platform, to build my Healthy Fast Food Global Business. 

It doesn't matter whether you travel overseas for holiday, or when you are sleeping, my online store is still running 24/7 for me, anywhere, anytime. 

Therefore, you can free up your time, do what you like, especially spending time with your family while you are working using your smart phone. 

Welcome to message me for more information if you are serious in building an online business. 

Best regards, 
Excellence Lifestyle Coach, a mom of 3
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Steamboat Outing with my 1 year old

Usually, i don't prefer bringing young baby to steamboat restaurant, as they can't eat much. 

Well, this time, i brought my 1 yo Xiu for the 1st time, as the steamboat restaurant was not that crowded at that timing. =) 

My favourite mushrooms for steamboat!! 

Good experience , especially with the good cooperation from her !! =)

Parenting Journey is a Growing Journey for parents. 

Best Regards, 
Excellence Lifestyle Coach 
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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Why MUMPRENEURS are on the rise??

Mother's Day is around the corner! 

What makes mother's day so special?

All mothers are great! 

As children, we need to be grateful and appreciative to respective mothers for their sacrifices and efforts in grooming us up. 

Especially when we become a mother of own children, we can relate more about how being a mother feels. 

Read the below from The Straits Times

'Mumpreneurs' on the rise in bid for work-life balance

A small but growing number of mothers are leaving the traditional workforce and setting up their own businesses. Called "mumpreneurs", many want more flexibility to look after their children.


Having to struggle for work-life balance with the arrival of the little ones, it's not surprising that MUMPRENEURS are on the rise! 

For me, many years ago, I personally have seen a few of my friends/ ex-colleagues decided to leave their workforce in order to spend more time for their children. 

It's indeed very challenging for working mothers to cope with family and work balance especially in a demanding working environment.

Let me name a few scenarios:

Children falling sick

When the children are ill, how do you feel when you are taking care of them? 
"Tiring, exhaused..."

Working mothers usually suffer from insufficient rest and sleep, therefore, they are physically and mentally drained especially the next day they have to rush back to work. 

A few emergency trips to hospital easily drained the working mothers' energy and stamina too.

Worries about their children are unavoidable especially seeing them having to suffer from certain diseases, and staking dose by dose of medicine.

Accompany for Excursion or school activities 

Sometimes, when school requires parents to accompany their children for excursion/ parent teacher meeting, have you struggled or in dilemma to request a leave from your boss?

Late/ Delayed Fetching Children from school

Due to some adhoc issues or OverTime at work, working mothers may end up leaving office late, therefore picking up their children from school late too. 

Dilemma during applying leave/ emergency leave from employer

During any emergency issue at home, when working mothers wanted desperately to settle the family issues, they feel dilemma in applying leave from employer. 

Would the frequent leave application affect the impression from employer and therefore affect the potential promotion and salary increment?

When the economy is not doing well, would this affect the stability of their job to continue serving the company or will they experience retrenchment? 

What kind of values to teach and groom the children?

Due to busy and hectic schedule in the demanding working environment,  working mothers may have a tendency to mislook on grooming their children as a wholesome person.

One of the most important Questions usually is missed by working mothers: 

"What kind of person I want my children to grow up as?"

"Responsible? Trust-worthy? Resilient? Respectful?"

"Is my parenting style aligned to the values that I want to groom my children to become?"

I personally feel that especially the grooming part is the most important part. 

No doubt , as much as many parents could, they are sending their children to the best schools, best enrichment classes etc in hope the children can receive best education. 

However, many times, the intangible values are very important as these values incalcated since small will shape the children's character for future.

Also, they see us as a role model.

What are your thoughts about the above?

Being a mumpreneur ever since my first daughter was born (in fact before my pregnancy) and until now, I am blessed that i have benefitted a lot from the business. Having time freedom on hand, I can plan the things to take care of both career and family. I gained a larger perspective towards parenting too, through my personal growth and leadership in the business. 

Hence, I'm very passionate in working together with mumpreneurs or mothers who wanted to become a mumpreneur.

You're welcome to talk to me via whatsapp +65-9090 9942 to find out more. 

Best Regards, 
+65-9090 9942
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Consultant/ Entrepreneur