Do you love the colours of new collection of Elemente Lipsticks?

Do you like the new series of Elemente Lipstick?

I've got myself a new set!! 💗💗

The below pictures are the sample set to show you the colours: 

Color Drench Lipstick Collection II:

Color Drench Lipstick Collection I: 

Why do I choose Lipstick by E.Excel?

Most important factor is the PRODUCT SAFETY!!! 

Some lipsticks contain LEAD which leads to severe side effects to health!

🙀 Read the below article !!! 
"400 lipsticks found to contain lead, FDA says"
A recent federal analysis showing that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained trace amounts of lead has exacerbated an ongoing dispute between regulators and consumer activists over how much lead is safe in cosmetics.
Five lipsticks made by L’Oreal and Maybelline, owned by L’Oreal USA, ranked among the top 10 most contaminated of the cosmetics, according to testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Two Cover Girl and two NARS lipsticks also landed in the top 10, as did one made by Stargazer.

Let's all be a wise consumer !! 

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