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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What are the Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

Read this article about ovarian cancer appearing on one of the health magazines recently. Decided to share it out.

It was written by a senior medical oncologist consultant from Parkway Cancer Centre Singapore.  


Ovarian cancer has been number 5 killer among women in Singapore. 

Yearly, there are more than 290 new cases of ovarian cancer and the number is on the rise. 

Many people thought that health condition such as stomach bloatedness, constipation, gastric problems are due to stomach wind and just ignored it.

However, all the above could be the symptoms to ovarian cancer. 


Modern lifestyle such as diet change, delay in pregnancy, non-breastfeeding and so on have contributed to the increasing rate of getting ovarian cancer.

If you realise that you keep putting on weight, stomach discomfort, or having difficulty in passing motion, stomach bloatedness, these could be the symptoms to ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer.


According to studies, there are 5 groups of women who are exposed to higher risk of ovarian cancer. 

1. Women who are not giving birth before
2. Women who give birth late at age
3. Women who give birth once
4. Women who start menstruation early and stop menstruation late
5. Women whose family members have breast cancer or ovarian cancer before, or BRCA1, BRCA2 which is a type of colon cancer. 

It's indeed disheartening to see the rising number of cancer which took away the lives of so many people. 

It will be a hard experience for the family members also when one is diagnosed with cancer. 

I can relate to the mission of Dr Jau-Fei Chen for why she changed her research direction 30 years ago to researching on Nutritional Immunology. 

She was once a cancer researcher which studied into the western treatment to cancer treatment.  

However, a young mother with cancer has changed her research direction. 

One day when she was roaming the cancer wards, she saw this young lady doing a tape recording. Out of curiosity, she asked the lady. 

This lady replied her that she was doing this tape recording as she knew that her days were numbered. She hoped this tape can be passed to her daughter to listen when she is getting married, and her son to listen when he graduates. 

After listening to her reply, Dr Chen was very upset and went back to her lab and started tearing. 

She was puzzled that why this young lady made her so upset and depressed as this was not the first time she talked to cancer patients. 

She finally found the answer of her sadness that because cancer has taken away the right of being a mother. This young mother will never have the opportunity to see her children from growing up. 

**(I read this love story - cancer related on Reader's Digest earlier which is touching that i shared on this post:

She knew deeply that western treatment will never guarantee the survival chance for a cancer patient as the western treatment brings along strong side effects and it doesn't treat the root cause. 

That's the reason that why cancer is difficult to treat and mortality rate is high when one is diagnosed with cancer. 

As a young scientist who had a big dream of creating a disease-free world, Dr Chen knew that she would never get to fulfil her dream through her research into western treatment. 

Therefore, she started to change her research into preventive science as from her research into plant foods, she was enlightened that there are many good nutrition in plant foods that can stop the cancer-causing process or even starve and destroy the cancer cells. This process doesn't bring along any side effects to human body unlike chemotherapy. 

From then onwards, the science of Nutritional Immunology was born and Dr Chen has been in the leading position in the research of Nutritional Immunology for so many years (close to 30 years).

In fact, cancer doesn't happen on a person when their immune system is healthy and when they lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Cancer doesn't happen overnight also. It was that the person has made 100 mistakes before cancer is formed. 

Cancer has an incubation period. About 2 thirds of the time, cancer stays hidden. 

For example, breast cancer takes 6 to 8 years to grow from 1 cell to the size of 1cm. 
Colon cancer takes about 10 to 20 years for newly formed colorectal growth to become cancerous. 

Even the best doctor or health check ups will not be able to detect the existence of cancer until a tumor of at least 1 mm size is formed. In this 1 mm size tumor, it contains 1 million of cancer cells.  

Imagine after detected, when these cells (1 million cancer cells) multiply, it will become 2 millions, then 4 millions, then 8 millions and so forth!! 

Therefore, usually cancer cells spread fast when it's detected! 

So the 2 thirds of the time period is extremely critical as it can influence whether cancer cells will continue to multiply or if they can be stopped or even destroyed. 

The health of immune system is an important factor in the speed of cancer growth. 

A strong immune system means slower cancer cell growth.

Watch below youtube to listen from Dr Chen's sharing personally on cancer prevention. 

She shared on Steve Jobs' cancer condition also in this video. 

Dr Jau-Fei Chen's profile: 

Born in Taiwan, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen emigrated with her family when she was 10. She entered Brigham Young University in the U.S. at the tender age of 16 and achieved her PhD in microbiology (specializing in immunology and biochemistry) at 26. Then she made her foray into cancer research.

Dr. Chen discovered the importance of cancer prevention as she progressed further into cancer research. It was during her extensive research that she discovered the link between proper nutrition and the health of the human immune system. This momentous discovery led Dr. Chen to pioneer the E. Excel science of Nutritional Immunology—her innovation for preventive healthcare. E. Excel International is her global platform for the advancement of Nutritional Immunology and the research of plant foods.

Dr. Chen has won many international awards and accolades for her excellent contributions as a scientist and entrepreneur. However, her ultimate dream is to create a world without disease.

• Awarded Outstanding Overseas Youth Award and Annual Model of Overseas Chinese Youth Entrepreneur Award in Taiwan.
• Named Outstanding Woman of the Year by the Chinese Women’s Association of America.
• March 8, 1996, was declared Jau-Fei Chen Day in the state of California in the U.S.
• The first person of Chinese descent to be named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans in that field by the U.S. Junior
  Chamber of Commerce.
• Awarded The China Dynasty Award by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission of Taiwan.
• Conferred Outstanding Individual of Our Time Award by the media in the Asia-Pacific region.
• Received by various government officials and heads of state.
• Named as one of the Top 100 Chinese in America. 
• One of 14 Chinese persons to be featured in the book Outstanding Chinese in the World.
• Featured as one of 12 exceptional entrepreneurs honored in Malaysia’s Nanyang Siang Pau’s book, Nanyang Salutes: The Vision and the Way, where she was dubbed “Angel of Health.”
• E. Excel International won the Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand—Outstanding Brand Excellence Award.
• Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has written a number of books, the most recent of which is Nutrition • Immunity • Longevity.

It has been very enriching journey for me for the past 7 years since 2008 when I chanced upon the science of Nutritional Immunology. 

I was amazed with what I learned from Dr Chen as it has corrected a lot my concept over nutrition and diseases. 

I was once used to believe that vitamin pills and other synthetic supplements are good and even encouraged my friends to consume without knowing the side effects. 

I was once think that cow's milk, yoghurt drinks, fish oils are good for our human body and I took them very often. 

For so many years of 'following' Dr Chen to learn on Nutritional Immunology which covers  a wide range of health knowledge, I realise that i have become a wiser consumer. It has benefited my family members too.

Even choosing a cooking oil require a knowledge and wisdom also =) Dr Chen has shared  her research and studies on her recent talk also. 

It's worth learning on how to choose a healthy cooking oil - watch the below youtube shared  by Dr Chen

If you have any enquiry related to cancer prevention, nutrition, health condition, kindly contact me through whatsapp or Facebook message. 

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Be a wise consumer, We are what we eat. 

Best Regards, 
Your Nutritional Immunology Consultant