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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us?

My wife is a workaholic. In 2012, I received a shocking news that my wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Doctor suggested her to go for chemotherapy followed by operation as the cancer cells have spread to other parts of her body. 

Thanks Joselyne as through her sharing, I learned about Nutritional Immunology and decided to let my wife start taking Nutritional Immunology products (Oxyginberry, Nutriact, Millennium and so on) before and during the chemotherapy to help her going through the treatment smoothly. 

During her 6 rounds of chemotherapy sessions, I was glad that my wife still can go back to work as usual. 

I was surprised and amazed that she even went straight to office after finishing the chemo in the morning. 

After the operation, she was recovering fast and went back to work again after 2 weeks of rest post operation although the doctor gave her 1 month's hospitalisation leave. 

My wife and I are truly grateful to Joselyne for her unlimited support and care given to us during our difficult time. She provided a lot of information to us through CD, magazines, emails, shared in Dropbox, and even created a chat group in Facebook and Whatshapp. I strongly believe that the products have helped my wife to pull through and walk to this so far. 

Once again, thanks Joselyne for her kind and compassionate heart. 

From Vincent, lead engineer, a father of 1 

Thank you Joselyne!

It is a God's grace for me to know about Nutritional Immunology (NI) through Joselyne.

I am thankful for her perseverance and passion to share about the importance of what it takes to have a healthy and happy quality of life! I am touched by her sincerity and loving attitude towards me especially when I needed advice. She empathized and comforted me and even advised me the best plan that I can pick up for the products without feeling stretched financially.

I got to know Joselyne through a friend and for a year she has been kind to update me of the health talks available even when I have not shown any interest in the E-Excel products.

I was looking for alternative such as buying GNC vitamins for my sickly mother who suffer auto-immune disease, and because of my lack of health knowledge, my mother was over-dosed and it even interfered with her medications. It did her harm instead. Then I decided to look for Joselyne. She is totally wonderful to share lots of interesting articles and her knowledge with me with a listening ear as well.

My mother's health got better and the dose of her medications was reduced accordingly. The most fulfilling thing is that I gain better understanding and also shown interest to learn more about NI.

With her strong knowledge of Nutritional Immunology and compassion, I have great faith in her and the products as well. Furthermore, Joselyne would re-read and study hard after every NI talks she attended.

Her patience and gentleness will never fail anyone and I am really one of the fortunate one to know her!
From Li Huang

我要感谢美华 Joselyne 这位朋友, 她让我認識了營养免疫学, 让我一生中受惠。六年多来, 当我有什么关於健康的问题, 第一个人就会先想到她, 她总是不厭其烦的为我提供知識及協助,我也把学到的知識和家人及朋友分享,非常感恩!

Mindy, secretary