Friday, November 13, 2015

My girl finished 1 millennium liquid package at one shot

Millennium has always been my girl's favourite drink since young! 

I feed her to nourish her immune system and building up her immunity. 

It has been quite some time that i feed her millennium liquid instead of millennium powder since I bought quite a few millennium liquid earlier. 

On 9th Nov (monday), when I came back from work, my husband asked me not to put millennium liquid at places which is accessible for my girl next time. 

I asked him "Why"? 

He replied that because my girl took 1 package of millennium liquid (as shown in the below picture) and finished the whole new package at ONE SHOT.

I then asked, OH, what happened later? 

My husband told, she POO (watery kind) but she is still perfectly alright. 

One package is definitely too much for her. 

However, i know that if one over consume millennium, it will not cause any side effects for example get poisoned as it's made of wholesome cactus, not synthetically or chemically made. 

At most, it will be wasted and come out from the body. 

I felt relieved and thankful of myself :) that I chose to use only E.Excel wholesome food products for my girl since young to help on her immunity build-up instead of using synthetically made supplements. 

E.Excel wholesome food products have been well-known for its food safety, effectiveness and uniqueness for coming to 30 years. 

Even a small children and preggies can rest assured to consume any of the food products. 

Warmest Regards, 
Your Nutritional Immunology Consultant 

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