Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Parenting Business Workshop by Dr Chen - Part 1

I felt blessed to have attended a Business Workshop exclusively conducted by Dr Chen personally last month in July 2017. 

One of the sessions are about PARENTING

Dr Chen selflessly shared about her parenting journey and experiences to us ! 

Being a successful entrepreneur, scientist, researcher, mother, wife, how can she play the roles so well and successful in all areas?

Dr Chen indeed a GREAT role model for me, not only learning the entrepreneurship spirit from her, she is one that I can learn how to be a better mother too! 

A few pointers for me to take away during her parenting session: 

1. Juggling between family and career?

It's one of the most common issues faced by many working mothers nowadays.

Partly could be due to the need of having dual income to better the finances of the family, self-fulfilment, for better quality lifestyle and to give the children better education quality! 

However, because of this, many working mothers are tiring out themselves, feeling emotional, mentally and physically exhausted! 

Can we, as working mothers have ALTERNATIVE CHOICE to make money?


Choosing a RIGHT career is important in this case. 

Why not choose one career choice that can give you time flexibility to take care of your family while you are making your income too?

TAPPED on RIGHT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY is one key success all of working mothers can choose to have! =)  

Running E.Excel & eLEAD GLOBAL (e-commerce) Franchise Business is the career choice that I made many years ago!

Through running this business, I am able to free myself up from rat race in a job, so that i can have BOTH career and family well-taken care of.

At the same time, I can enjoy my desired lifestyle which can give me Health, Time and Financial Freedom. 

Feel free to talk to me if you are keen to find out more about this Business Opportunity! 

2. What do we really want for our children?

For Dr Chen, it's very simple. She lead by example with the 4 IMPORTANT KEY VALUES to inculcate in her children: 

1. Matured

2. Responsible

3. Respect

4. Contribute to Society 

She shared many incidents to her parenting journey and deep insights towards parenting. 

Today, her 3 children, Dr EE Zhang, E Lei Zhang, and Chi Wei Zhang have grown up. They are knowledgeable yet humble.

PARENTING is indeed a LEARNING journey for all working mothers including ME too! 
Heartfelt thankful that in my life journey, I've found many great role models to give me good and reliable guidance, not only in the career but also family and parenting

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