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Sunday, February 21, 2021

eLEAD Global Fibertalk

Why is Fiber Important?

- Help in weight control and increase satiety 
- Prevent diabetes and heart diseases 
- Remove toxins and reduce the burden on liver
- Maintain the health of gut bacteria 
- Help to control blood sugar level and lower cholesterol level

There are 2 Types of Fiber

Soluble Fiber 
Can be dissolved in water to help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar level

Insoluble Fiber 
- Help to remove waste from the digestive system
- Prevent constipation

Meat , milk and eggs do not contain any fiber 

What are the symptoms when Fiber Deficiency?
Heart Diseases
High Risk of Cancers

Thank you eLEAD for formulating Fibertalk which consists of high fiber intake , from Psyllium Husk , Banana and Orange. 

For more info, welcome to enquire me via Whatsapp +65- 9090 9942. Thank you. 

Best Regards, 
Excellence Lifestyle Coach 
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to make a Fast and Convenient healthy snack during tea time?

What kind of snacks during tea will you choose when you're hungry?

As a full time Healthy Fast Food business owner, since I'm no longer bound to office desk, rather, enjoying the freedom of moving and exploring around =) 

there is always a wide range of 'luxury food' choice for me especially during tea time - desserts , hi-tea, local small bites!! It's not easy to resist the temptation! 

For example, I could easily grab a piece of cake and tea/ honey lemon during tea time. After which, the sinful feeling creeps in! Aww...

Now, I'm glad that I always standby a few pack of E.Excel wholesome food products in my handbag. 

For example, 

2 packs of Everstay D is more than good enough to fill up my stomach as a snack replacement. In fact, i think it's good enough to replace a meal of dinner too as i can feel the sense of fullness! =D 

Wont get hungry now, yet it's healthy food with soy, grain fiber from psyllium husk and oat bran (Rich in Wholesome Protein and Fiber) , not oily, no meat, no sugar, no caffeine - can aid my digestive system and bowel movement too.   

What is EverStay D?

Contact me at +65-9090 9942 if you have any enquiries. Thank you. 

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant
+65-9090 9942