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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

WONDERS of CACTUS in E.Excel Millennium: Rich in Phytochemicals

Millennium Cactus Drink has been very famous and popular since many decades ago ever since E.Excel was founded! 

It's the FIRST E.Excel product launched after Dr Chen has discovered the miraculous benefits of Cactus towards human's health especially towards Cancer Prevention!!! 

What makes Cactus so great about that everyone would invest this wholesome plant food product in their health as well as family's health??

1. Cactus is VERY RICH in Phytochemicals

Read below for detailed info about Phytochemicals and Cactus Benefits! 

Over the years, E.Excel Millennium has changed a few packaging and in fact more versions were launched to provide more choices for consumers - from Liquid to Powder Beverage to more ingredients inside!  

  • Millennium & Millennium Liquid Form 
I remember 10 years ago, when I first consumed Millennium product, it was in Liquid Form in the below packaging, 1 Box consists of 2 packs! 

There are 2 types of Millennium Liquid: 
1. Millennium : made of Cactus, Royal Jelly & Honey 

2. Millennium Red: made of Cactus and Sorbitol 
- suitable for people with special dietary requirement such as low sugar and diabetes 

  • Millennium Powder Beverage
Later part, with higher technology and processing methods, 

Millennium Powder Beverage was launched with higher concentration x 3 times higher than Millennium LIQUID. 

This product DOES NOT contain Royal Jelly and Honey. 

So, it's suitable for people with special dietary requirement such as low sugar and diabetes. 

  • Millennium Powder Beverage GOLD Edition
After which, Millennium Powder Beverage GOLD Edition was launched! 

The difference is that this product has Cactus & Cordyceps mycelium (additional) 

With additional Cordyceps mycelium added, the health benefit values are further enhanced!!!

  • Celebration Powder Beverage
Celebration Powder Beverage is one the most premium products among all Cactus Series. 

This product has added even more ingredients: Cactus & Cordyceps mycelium & American Ginseng 

  • Millennium Liquid 
For Millennium Liquid, the packaging was later revised to a more convenient packaging with 5 smaller packs (200 ml / each). 

  • Oxyginberry Beverage 
Oxyginberry Beverage was launched in 2007!

It's a product that consists of Cactus too, with 5 ADDITIONAL superfood ingredients; Cactus Fruits, Ginseng Berry, Grape Seed, Rose and Seaweed!!! 

This is the product that has phytochemicals from Cactus and at the same time has EXCELLENT ANTIOXIDANTS to slow down ageing process!!!

Many E.Excel consumers know about Millennium liquid product, however, may not know about the existence of Oxyginberry Beverage. 

For me, this is the product among all cactus series that I consumed most consistently (DAILY) throughout my 10 years journey with E.Excel! 

The Reasons: 

Besides getting the benefits of Cactus, I also get the benefits of 5 other ingredients from Oxyginberry at the same time for my health Maintenance! 

More info about Oxyginberry: 

How to consume E.Excel Cactus Products?
  • For Higher Cactus Concentration

I would prefer taking Millennium Powder Beverage as compared to Millennium Liquid, as the concentration in Millennium Powder Beverage is HIGHER and the price is slightly cheaper than Millennium Liquid. 

  • For Better Price Value

Millennium Powder Beverage Gold Edition, as compared to Millennium Liquid, with just additional SGD 47, you get the Cordyceps mycelium (premium ingredient) 

& Celebration Powder Beverage with additional SGD 123, you get American Ginseng & Cordyceps mycelium (premium ingredients). 

  • For More Superfood Ingredients, 

Oxyginberry Beverage is most recommended among all cactus series for health maintenance, as it has another 5 more superfood ingredients inside, which are cactus fruits, ginseng berry, grape seed, rose, and seaweed. 

Hope the above information are helpful to you in making a wise choice in nourishing your good health! 

For more info, kindly contact me at +65- 9090 9942. Thank you. 

Nutritional Immunology Consultant / Lifestyle Coach 
+65-9090 9942