Sunday, April 30, 2017

Eczema Attack

What do you normally do during eczema attacks?

Steroid no doubt reduce inflammation during eczema flare-up, however the medicine brings along the side effects that out-weight its benefits as it suppress the immune system response, thus leads to weaker immune system

To help with eczema, it's crucial to understand the root cause of eczema too. 

Eczema is an auto-immune disease, it means the immune system self-attacks own body organs.  

This can be linked to leaky gut syndrome

Our digestive tract functions as a protective barrier of our bloodstream from the food we eat, which allows essential nutrients to be fully absorbed and utilized by our body. 

A leaky gut is a condition of vulnerable and easily permeable gut lining where undigested food particles find their way into the bloodstream, which then triggers autoimmune responses that can eventually lead to various diseases such as eczema.

In order to prevent eczema, we can apply Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle approach: 

1. Prevent intestine from inflammation

Why inflammation happens on the intestine?

- Misuse/ overuse of antibiotics that kill the good gut bacteria 
- Constipation that leads to toxin accumulation 
- Overeating of oily and fried foods (as contains high omega 6) including cookies and biscuits

To prevent gut inflammation, prevent the above causes. 

1. Reduce/ Stop taking animal-based protein such as eggs, cow's milk, animal meats , dairies to prevent triggering the eczema attack.

2. Take Wholesome Plant Foods to reduce the intestine inflammation, such as cactus (excellent natural anti-inflammatory) , chia seed & kiwi seed (rich in omega 3 to balance the omega 6 intake) 

Hope you find the above helpful especially for people or parents who children who suffer from eczema in preventing eczema using natural way. 

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