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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Memorable Korea Incentive Trip Feb 2017

It's a blessing to be able to tour around Korea along with E.Excel incentive trip in February 2017 together with my mom and beloved team members. 

My mom's first visit to Korea.=) 

One of the signature dinners that we had was the Korean Royal Court Cuisine. 

Visiting organic strawberry farm and we were allowed to pluck the fresh strawberries and bring back home. 

Our fruits of success in picking the ripe and juicy strawberries =) 

A humorous and entertaining BIBAP restaurant show! One of the nicest show I've seen. 

A group photo

We were celebrating E.Excel 30th Anniversary together with other E.Excellers from other countries in the Ski resort. 

Dr Jau-Fei Chen and her family were on the spot too..

Took a picture with Dr Chen

We were enjoying playing the sled too! 

Received a surprise gift from company - a photo book to commemorate the 30th Anniversary Celebration in Korea!!! 

Felt touched to receive the below letter from the founder, Dr Chen too!! =) 

In Healthy Fast Food Business, I'm grateful to partner with such an excellent company, E.Excel to grow myself, leading my life by design, together with the company and my beloved teammates. 

In another 30 years, E.Excel will be celebrating 60th Anniversary! 

Looking forward to another beautiful 30 years and grow old together!

Join me together in this exciting journey! =) 

Best Regards, 
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