As the founder of Healthy Wholesome Food, Joselyne advocates and educates Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle. 

She obtained her bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering in Singapore NUS and has been working as a chemical engineer in pharmaceutical and chemical industry for 5 years. 

Due to long hours and work stress, her health started to go downhill at young age. While searching for natural approach to gain back her health, she chanced upon the Science of Nutritional Immunology (NI) in 2007. 

From then, her journey with Science of Nutritional Immunology began. 

By practicing the Nutritional Immunology lifestyle, Joselyne and her family have benefitted a lot as their health improved greatly. 

Therefore, she is very passionate in sharing the science of Nutritional Immunology with people around her. 

Joselyne decided to switch her career path from climbing corporate ladder to embark her full time career in advocating Nutritional Immunology. 

Many people have gained health freedom including mummy groups, pregnant ladies and cancer patients. 

It's coming to 10 years now since she started the journey with Nutritional Immunology. Until today, she still keep learning and upgrading her health knowledge. 

As a mother of 4 now, Joselyne's mission remains the same, to continue to help people achieve health, wealth and happiness in life. 

Contact/ Whatsapp Joselyne at +65-90909942 or joselyne.mhchng@gmail.com for enquiries.